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Whether your case is simple or complex, we have the professionals and pricing to meet your needs.

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Legal Document Processing

$1000 no children  |  $1400 with children*

  • Socially distant process available. (Includes service by mail. Respondent will have to meet with a Notary for final signature.)
  • All the documents required by both parties for your divorce with agreement, completed at your direction.
  • Opportunity to review, request revisions, and approve the documents before we print them and arrange for document signing.
  • Filing of your documents at the appropriate courthouse.

*Prices do not include court filing fees.

Divorce Mediation

One 2-hour session with a Certified Family Mediator, with a case analysis prior to your meeting, and a Memorandum of Understanding $900

Your mediator will:

  • Review the information submitted in your questionnaires prior to your meeting.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable, neutral, and confidential mediation environment.
  • Maintain a respectful process.
  • Listen to you carefully and help you understand each other.
  • Intervene as necessary to help you communicate more effectively with each other.
  • Ask questions to help ensure everything relevant is understood and carefully considered.
  • Balance the process so neither side is disadvantaged or dominated by the other.
  • Try to prevent issues from becoming overly polarized.
  • Help you re-examine expectations that may be unrealistic.
  • Provide ideas for solutions if you seem to be stuck.
  • Keep the process organized and moving forward productively.
  • Offer guidance to come up with a complete divorce agreement that the court will accept.
  • Clarify any issues in your divorce and develop options for resolving them.
  • Assist you in reaching agreement on the division of assets and debts and payment of support.
  • Help you understand financial matters relevant to the divorce and the financial and tax implications.
  • Following your session, provide you with a document (Memorandum of Understanding) detailing your agreements that can be used to prepare your divorce documents.

Financial Analysis

One 2-hour session with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst $750

Your CDFA will cover what you would like to know and work out concerning the financial and tax implications associated with your divorce. This may include:

  • Identifying all your assets and debts.
  • Gathering the necessary data for your assets and debts.
  • Clarifying marital (community) assets vs. separate assets.
  • Valuation options and implications for your assets and debts.
  • Assistance in valuing pensions.
  • Understanding the possible tax consequences associated with specific assets and debts.
  • Clarifying how specific assets and debts are likely to grow or diminish in value with the passage of time.
  • Identifying options for asset/debt division.
  • Preparing a single page spreadsheet to show all assets and debts and their proposed division.
Parenting Plan
Equitable Distribution
Child Support