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Tell your friends to check out Peace Plan Divorce: The Affordable, Fair, & Fast Divorce.

Chances are, you’ll know somebody this year who is facing divorce.

Will you do them a favor, and let them know there’s an alternative to the expensive and adversarial process?

Peace Plan Divorce offers an affordable, fair, & fast divorce.

because a couple can get divorced for as little as $750 plus filing fees.

That’s right. For only $375 each, a couple in agreement can have all their documents completed, printed, copied and filed. Need a mediated divorce? A couple can have this for less than the retainer for ONE attorney. Check out pricing here.

because the couple will have the opportunity to work with Certified Family Mediators and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts to come up with their agreement.

A neutral third party will assist with the equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, a parenting plan, and support issues. Meet our professionals here.

because a couple can be done dealing with their divorce in as little as 30 days. Compare that to a minimum of a year and a half for a divorce that goes to court!

Yes, it takes 6 months for your divorce to become final, but everything can be settled and filed while you wait. Start your case here.

Please tell your friends to check out Peace Plan Divorce;
Today’s Smart Alternative to an attorney directed divorce.