How To Have The Longest, Costliest, Most Painful Divorce Possible

Everyone wants to have a divorce so ugly it makes the headlines, right? Here’s a way to guarantee your painful divorce will drag out for over a year, empty your bank accounts and rake your heart over the coals. 1. Hire an attorney right away. Find one with the reputation of a pit-bull; the meaner, the […]

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Why The Attorneys Are Not Happy With a Nonlawyer Divorce

 The Florida Bar published an article aimed at attorneys titled ‘Legal freegans’ are looking to ‘eat your lunch.’ (February 15, 2014) The article was focusing on nonlawyer entities “encroaching on the traditional practice of law.” Interestingly, the article praised the services provided by nonlawyer entities, stating that nonlawyer companies “can draft, in a matter of minutes, […]

What is the Difference Between Legal Advice and Legal information?

Someone asked me this week if I can provide legal advice. I responded “I am a mediator, not an attorney, therefore I cannot provide legal advice, only legal information.” What is the difference between legal advice and legal information, and what does that mean to the average lay person seeking information about obtaining a divorce? […]

How To Prepare Financially For Your Amicable Divorce

This article is only general information. As each case is unique, we recommend consulting with an attorney before taking action. Most people headed for divorce are aware that their assets and liabilities will be divided. What they might not know is that there are steps they can take prior to their divorce to make this […]

What is Peace Plan Divorce?

Divorce Docs is a non-attorney divorce service that offers mediation and the legal document preparation required for your divorce. We will facilitate your discussion and fill out your divorce paperwork according to the decisions the two of you have made regarding what is best for your family.