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Legal Document Processing

$800 no children  |  $1000 with children*

  • All the documents required by both parties for your divorce with agreement, completed at your direction.
  • Opportunity to review, request revisions, and approve the documents before we print them and arrange for document signing.
  • Filing of your documents at the appropriate courthouse.

*Prices do not include court filing fees.

Divorce Mediation

One 2-hour session with a Certified Family Mediator $850

  • Obtain professional guidance regarding the fair and equitable distribution of your assets and debts.
  • Compare various outcomes of different financial scenarios.
  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property, including tax issues.
  • Determine if either party can afford the matrimonial home – and if not, what might be an affordable alternative.
  • Create budgets for future proposed needs.
  • Have a neutral, professional mediator facilitate your discussion.
  • Discuss and move toward agreement on your parenting plan.
  • Confirm your fair and equitable distribution.
  • Come to a consensus on child or spousal support.
  • Identify any other issues you’d like addressed in your agreement.

Financial Analysis

One 2-hour session with a Personal Wealth Advisor/Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

  • Confirm complete financial data gathering of assets, liabilities, and contingencies.
  • Consultation regarding marital assets vs. separate assets.
  • Suggest future budgets after property division and support payments.
  • Client education regarding the tax consequences of dividing assets, investments, pension plans, and insurance issues.
  • Financial advice pertaining to dividing and valuing property fairly, and ensuring today’s split of assets and cash flow will be fair and equitable in the future.
  • After-tax cash flow consideration of spousal and child support calculations
  • Tax consequences of divorce agreements
  • Financial advice on pension planning, health insurance coverage and residence consideration.
  • Modeling the future values of retirement and pension funds.
  • Risk Management and Asset Protection: Life insurance needs to cover potential lost alimony and child support.
  • Valuation of stock options and advanced planning with respect to stock options, restricted stock and stock appreciation rights.
  • Financial reporting of agreed-to property division.
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer - Update estate plans; including wills, trusts, beneficiary forms.
  • Financial planning going forward

Comprehensive Real Estate Analysis

$350 to compare two scenarios

Decisions regarding what to do with the marital home and other real estate can often times be clouded by emotion. It is important to have a clear understanding of the financial implications of potential decisions. Your comprehensive real estate analysis is a detailed report by a Forensic Real Estate Divorce Strategist™ that includes a comparison of two scenarios for one real estate property. Example scenarios include:

  • One spouse keeping the house
  • One spouse buying out the other with other community assets
  • Selling the house and dividing the proceeds
  • Owning the house jointly, one spouse living in it
  • Owning the house jointly, using it for rental property

Your analysis will explore the potential tax ramifications and estimates of gains/losses with each scenario, and well as provide the deed, mortgage history, deed of trust and comparative market values of the property at the date of separation.

Parenting Plan
Equitable Distribution
Child Support