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"What is Peace Plan Divorce?"
Peace Plan Divorce is a complete non-attorney divorce service. Our aim is to keep your divorce affordable, fair and fast by keeping you out of court. We know that the two of you are the best decision makers for your case. We are certified family mediators, certified divorce financial analysts, and registered legal document assistants who work with both parties to complete and file your divorce from start to finish.
"Wait, don't we need attorneys to get a divorce?"
Many people are surprised to discover they don't need attorneys to get a divorce. In California, the term for a self-represented party is "In Pro Per." Peace Plan Divorce makes it easy for you to remain In Pro Per, because we have the experience required to help you come to your agreement and file all the necessary documents for your case.
"Do we have to go to court?"
If you file a divorce with agreement, you don't have to go to the courthouse. Not even once! Our clients are blissfully ignorant of what the inside of a courtroom looks like, and we'd like to keep it that way.
"Will Peace Plan Divorce work for me?"
Peace Plan Divorce is a perfect fit for couples who are willing to work together, either on their own, or with professionals to come to consensus on the terms of their marital settlement. To determine whether or not Peace Plan Divorce can help you, ask yourself the following questions: Are you aware of, or willing to research, your legal rights? Are you confident both parties will be forthcoming regarding assets/debts? Are you able to make decisions for yourself without intimidation from the other party? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” we can help you. If the answer to these questions is “no,” you may need to seek the legal representation only an attorney can offer.
"Do I need Mediation or the Legal Document Processing package?"
Are you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues related to parenting, property, and support? If the answer is “no,” you may wish to participate in Mediation. If the answer is “yes,” you may wish to purchase the Legal Document Processing package.
"I think we're in agreement, but I'm not sure. What should I do?"
If you purchase the Legal Document Processing package, and an issue arises, you may purchase mediation sessions until you are in agreement. You may return to your Legal Document Processing package at that time.
"What if my spouse and I can’t come to an agreement in our mediation session?"
Many cases can be settled after the parties take a break and reconvene on a later date. Many times, emotions can get in the way of making a smart decision, and cooling off for a few days gives the parties a chance to think clearly about their options. You may decide that you will not be able to come to a full agreement. If that is the case, you will receive a mediation summary that you can take to an attorney.
"How many appointments will this take?"
If you choose mediation, the choice is yours. Each session will be a two-hour meeting with a Certified Family Mediator / Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. You may choose to purchase additional sessions as needed. If you choose Legal Document Processing only, you will only have one signing appointment after your documents are complete and printed. This will usually be a 10 minute meeting at a Starbucks near your work during your lunch hour.
"How long does the legal document processing take?"
For the Legal Document Preparation packages, we usually have your documents ready for your review within 2 weeks of receiving all of your information. After your documents are complete, you have 30 days to approve your documents or request revisions. Most of our cases are completed within 30-40 days from the initial appointment. Your divorce will be final approximately six months from the date the Respondent receives the petition, which will be at your signing/notarization appointment.
"Are you attorneys?"
Except for our attorney mediator, we are not attorneys. And none of us give legal advice. Peace Plan Divorce cannot represent you in court or tell you what to say in court. Please see our disclaimer page for more information.
"Are you opposed to attorneys?"
Absolutely not. If your case is highly contested or complex, we strongly urge you to hire an attorney. Even in uncontested cases, we suggest that you and your spouse each have a consultation with an attorney. Feel free to email and ask for our referral list.
"Are you paralegals?"
Legal Document Assistants were once commonly known as Independent Paralegals. However, as of January 1st, 2000, only those Paralegals working directly for attorneys may now be referred to as Paralegals. Those formerly known as Independent Paralegals are now officially known as Legal Document Assistants (LDAs). We are registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants.
"Can you help us if one of us doesn't live in California?"
We do "out of the area" divorces all the time. One party must reside in the county of filing for three months prior to filing, and in California for six months prior to filing in order to use our services. We obtain the necessary information for your documents with online questionnaires, and the signatures may be collected by mail if one party is out of the area.
"How do I get started?"
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