7 ways men say they bounced back from divorce

“The reality is, divorce is just as crushing for men as it is for women. Most of us take our vows with the intention for the marriage to last. Rerouting your future when the relationship falls apart is hard regardless of whether you’re a man or woman.”  Brittany Wong for the Huffington Post. Read full article […]

Predicting Divorce: How You Fight Matters

“Contempt is acting in ways that suggest you are superior to the other person… the single greatest predictor of divorce.” By Caroline Fleck for Mountain View Voice. Read full article here: http://mv-voice.com/blogs/p/2015/05/31/predicting-divorce-how-you-fight-matters

Midlife Marriage: Love It, Leave It or Reinvent It

“The statistics help tell the tale: Divorce rates for people 50 and over doubled from 1990 to 2010 according to a landmark study by Bowling Green State University in 2013. It’s the highest split-up rate of any age group. But the same study found that the number of unmarried people 50-plus living together tripled between […]

10 Things No One Tells You About Divorce

Not all divorce advice is created equal. For every good tip you receive from someone (don’t use your attorney as your therapist, keep those rants about your ex off Facebook), there are just as many unhelpful comments: “Don’t get mad, get everything!” Just no. The best source for advice you can actually use are divorcés […]

What is Peace Plan Divorce?

Divorce Docs is a non-attorney divorce service that offers mediation and the legal document preparation required for your divorce. We will facilitate your discussion and fill out your divorce paperwork according to the decisions the two of you have made regarding what is best for your family.

The Peace Plan Overview for a Divorce in California

We like to provide a path to help keep our divorce mediation meetings focused on the topic at hand. These are the topics you and your spouse will start thinking about and discussing as you come to a consensus regarding the terms of your Stipulated Agreement.   Parenting Plan- “Legal custody” refers to a parent’s authority […]