3 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce Instead Of Going To Court.

It’s often a knee-jerk reaction to hire an attorney and prepare for a court battle where divorce is concerned. Before you give your lawyer enough money to buy a BMW, consider a path that will keep you out of the courtroom. Here are 3 reasons to mediate your divorce instead of going to court: 1. Power […]

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Divorce Is An Ugly Word.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Divorce is an ugly word. But that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be ugly. Even if there are children and significant assets involved, two reasonable people working with Peace Plan Divorce can have a quiet and graceful conclusion to their marriage. If you’ve determined that divorce is the […]

Honey, I Want a Divorce Vacation…

The New York Post reported several months ago that a Saratoga Springs resort, famous for extravagant weddings, will now offer a “Divorce Package.” For a flat fee of $5,000, the couple receives separate rooms and a weekend to work with a mediator. By the end of the weekend, the divorce papers are signed, and the couple […]

Maintaining Balance During Your Divorce

Unrested. Unsettled. Unbalanced.  Let’s face it, divorce is usually the last season of life you would expect to feel balanced. The decisions and eminent life changes can overwhelm your thoughts to the exclusion of everything else, tipping the scales towards sheer insanity. So how can you maintain a balance in your life during your divorce? 1. […]

The Difference Between Default with Agreement and Uncontested Divorce

Should you buy a ticket to the party? Your spouse wants a divorce. If the two of you are in agreement on all of the issues, you can save money by not filing a Response, allowing the Petitioner to request a Default with Agreement. Or you can “buy a ticket to the party” and file a Response to the […]

California Divorce for Dummies

Here’s a list of important terms to know when divorcing in California. Petitioner-  The person asking the court to grant a divorce. The petitioner can dismiss the case if they change their mind. Respondent-  The person against whom the legal action is being taken. The Respondent may or may not respond to the petition, but […]

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Why The Attorneys Are Not Happy With a Nonlawyer Divorce

 The Florida Bar published an article aimed at attorneys titled ‘Legal freegans’ are looking to ‘eat your lunch.’ (February 15, 2014) The article was focusing on nonlawyer entities “encroaching on the traditional practice of law.” Interestingly, the article praised the services provided by nonlawyer entities, stating that nonlawyer companies “can draft, in a matter of minutes, […]

What is the Difference Between Legal Advice and Legal information?

Someone asked me this week if I can provide legal advice. I responded “I am a mediator, not an attorney, therefore I cannot provide legal advice, only legal information.” What is the difference between legal advice and legal information, and what does that mean to the average lay person seeking information about obtaining a divorce? […]

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Letting the Judge Decide is “Rolling the Dice”

In the ten plus years of my career, I’ve often heard a party to a case say that he/she wants to “let the judge decide.” The unfortunate truth is that most people aren’t happy with what the judge decides. In many cases, I have no doubt that the individual would have been better off negotiating […]