person jumping out of airplane compared to person contemplating divorce

Don’t Just Do It!

While the phrase may be a motivating call to action from Nike, “Just Do It,” should not be the motto of the average person contemplating divorce. I’ve had several individuals in my office lately who were unsure if filing for divorce was the right step for them to take at that time. One woman had […]

What is Peace Plan Divorce?

Divorce Docs is a non-attorney divorce service that offers mediation and the legal document preparation required for your divorce. We will facilitate your discussion and fill out your divorce paperwork according to the decisions the two of you have made regarding what is best for your family.

Filing for Divorce Together Doesn’t Mean You Have to Agree

Filing for divorce together doesn’t mean you have to agree. Many divorcing couples are under the misconception that unless they agree on every point, they have to hire attorneys. However, the Orange County Courts have a form called “Joint Statement of Issues to be Tried.” Save yourselves thousands of dollars by letting Peace Plan Divorce complete that form for […]

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Judge Argues that Lawyers and Judges Should Get Out of the Divorce Business

“Suing for divorce” made sense when divorce required proving fault. But with no-fault divorce, there is no need for courts to control divorces. After watching this process for years, I have come to the conclusion that the time has come to consider taking divorce out of the hands of lawyers and judges and putting it […]

Creative Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities

Since California is a community property state, many couples divide their assets in half, and their liabilities in half. *Mark and Tracy, however, had to get creative with their distribution. Mark wanted to keep their rental property in Asheville, NC. His dream was to retire there, and although retirement was a way off, he was willing […]

The Peace Plan Overview for a Divorce in California

We like to provide a path to help keep our divorce mediation meetings focused on the topic at hand. These are the topics you and your spouse will start thinking about and discussing as you come to a consensus regarding the terms of your Stipulated Agreement.   Parenting Plan- “Legal custody” refers to a parent’s authority […]

Divorce is Hard

Divorce is hard.  We can’t make it easy, but we can help make the transition as smooth as possible. Instead of fighting against one another in court, you can calmly and peaceably discuss your desires with each other until an agreement is reached. Your Peace Plan Divorce mediator will facilitate your discussion, then we will complete […]