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Divorce Is An Ugly Word.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Divorce is an ugly word. But that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be ugly. Even if there are children and significant assets involved, two reasonable people working with Peace Plan Divorce can have a quiet and graceful conclusion to their marriage. If you’ve determined that divorce is the […]

3 Important College Funding Questions to Answer During a Divorce

In ideal situations, parents begin saving for their child’s college education shortly after birth, leveraging their combined incomes to create a united front against ever-increasing tuition hikes. But even though divorces have been on the decline for decades, a significant percentage of marriages in the U.S. will fail.​ And in those cases, what was once a collective […]

Study: Joint custody after divorce is least stressful on children.

By Brad Myers | Posted: Wed 6:02 PM, Apr 29, 2015 HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Divorce can be stressful on any family, but a new study suggests children of divorced parents have less problems and suffer less stress if they spend time living with both parents. Read article here. cc flickr photo by Spirit-Fire

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The End of Alimony May Mean the End of the Stay-At-Home Parent

Forbes contributor, Emma Johnson, recently posted back-to-back articles promoting an end to alimony: “Stay-at-Home Mom Facing Divorce? Don’t Expect Alimony” and “An End to Alimony Would be Good for Women” on (links below) What could have been written as a warning to women of the financial consequences of divorcing with no established career, comes off as […]

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How To Tell Your Children You’re Getting Divorced

Divorce is one of the most difficult emotional challenges people face – including the children involved. The good news is that families that deal properly with a divorce have a better chance to come through the experience without harmful lasting effects. That’s why it’s important to know how to tell your children you’re getting divorced […]

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Is Equal Parenting Time the Easy Answer for Divorce?

There is growing support for a “Shared Parenting” movement. Its proponents want to enact laws which would force parents to share equal custody. Is this the answer to all future custody battles? And is this what’s best for families and kids? Not necessarily. It is this author’s opinion that spending close to equal time with […]

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Introducing the Kids to the One You’re Dating

What do you think? Should you introduce your kids to everyone you date, or wait until it’s serious? (And how serious?) It is important to think about how an introduction will affect your children. Parenting after divorce can be a challenge, but adding a new dating partner to the mix takes careful consideration. Kimberly Seltzer […]

Your Divorce Isn’t Final Until the Kids Leave

Several times I’ve heard a divorcing parent say, “I’m just looking forward to getting this over with, so I don’t have to deal with him/her anymore!”  I’ve got a newsflash for you: Your divorce won’t be “final” until the kids are gone, and sometimes, not even then! If you’re like most people and have a […]

How to Make Divorce Less Damaging for the Kids

The ‘Good’ Divorce, By Christine Carter, director of Greater Good Parents, for the Berkeley Blog “…Divorce is not permission to hate. When there are kids involved, you don’t get to throw in the towel and walk away from your ex. You don’t get to stop trying to make the relationship work. Divorce is only a […]

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Nesting: A Unique Idea for Shared Parenting from Time Magazine

By Belinda Luscombe for Time Magazine: “When Jon Marden and Ana Elizabeth decided to split in 2005 after 13 years of marriage, they both moved out of the house they shared in the woods near Santa Cruz, Calif. Their three children, however, stayed put. When it was Elizabeth’s turn to look after the kids, she […]