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Divorcing? Four Financial Fails To Avoid.

Divorce may be one of the most difficult and confusing financial events you go through in your entire life. Avoid these 4 common financial fails to avert a disaster: 1. Failing to prepare a budget. If you aren’t already using a budget, now’s the time to start. The money that never seemed to be quite enough to support […]

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Divorce Is An Ugly Word.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Divorce is an ugly word. But that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be ugly. Even if there are children and significant assets involved, two reasonable people working with Peace Plan Divorce can have a quiet and graceful conclusion to their marriage. If you’ve determined that divorce is the […]

3 Important College Funding Questions to Answer During a Divorce

In ideal situations, parents begin saving for their child’s college education shortly after birth, leveraging their combined incomes to create a united front against ever-increasing tuition hikes. But even though divorces have been on the decline for decades, a significant percentage of marriages in the U.S. will fail.​ And in those cases, what was once a collective […]

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The End of Alimony May Mean the End of the Stay-At-Home Parent

Forbes contributor, Emma Johnson, recently posted back-to-back articles promoting an end to alimony: “Stay-at-Home Mom Facing Divorce? Don’t Expect Alimony” and “An End to Alimony Would be Good for Women” on (links below) What could have been written as a warning to women of the financial consequences of divorcing with no established career, comes off as […]

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Why The Attorneys Are Not Happy With a Nonlawyer Divorce

 The Florida Bar published an article aimed at attorneys titled ‘Legal freegans’ are looking to ‘eat your lunch.’ (February 15, 2014) The article was focusing on nonlawyer entities “encroaching on the traditional practice of law.” Interestingly, the article praised the services provided by nonlawyer entities, stating that nonlawyer companies “can draft, in a matter of minutes, […]

How To Prepare Financially For Your Amicable Divorce

This article is only general information. As each case is unique, we recommend consulting with an attorney before taking action. Most people headed for divorce are aware that their assets and liabilities will be divided. What they might not know is that there are steps they can take prior to their divorce to make this […]

With Justice For All…(The Wealthy, That Is)

“…the civil justice system in this country is essentially inaccessible to many Americans — and when it does get accessed, is tilted toward the wealthy and moneyed interests,” states Dan Froomkin of the Huffington Post. Reporting statistics from the World Justice Project’s “Rule of Law Index” Froomkin points out that, “Particularly when it comes to […]

Creative Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities

Since California is a community property state, many couples divide their assets in half, and their liabilities in half. *Mark and Tracy, however, had to get creative with their distribution. Mark wanted to keep their rental property in Asheville, NC. His dream was to retire there, and although retirement was a way off, he was willing […]

The Peace Plan Overview for a Divorce in California

We like to provide a path to help keep our divorce mediation meetings focused on the topic at hand. These are the topics you and your spouse will start thinking about and discussing as you come to a consensus regarding the terms of your Stipulated Agreement.   Parenting Plan- “Legal custody” refers to a parent’s authority […]