Should It Be Harder To Get Divorced, Or Harder To Get Married?

There have been headlines circulating in recent years regarding states desiring to make it harder to get divorced. Some states are considering laws which eliminate no-fault divorce, while others are considering waiting periods of up to 2 years. While I understand the intent is to keep couples together in order to benefit society, I wonder […]

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Divorce Is An Ugly Word.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Divorce is an ugly word. But that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be ugly. Even if there are children and significant assets involved, two reasonable people working with Peace Plan Divorce can have a quiet and graceful conclusion to their marriage. If you’ve determined that divorce is the […]

The Difference Between Default with Agreement and Uncontested Divorce

Should you buy a ticket to the party? Your spouse wants a divorce. If the two of you are in agreement on all of the issues, you can save money by not filing a Response, allowing the Petitioner to request a Default with Agreement. Or you can “buy a ticket to the party” and file a Response to the […]

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Divorce- It Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Do With Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Many a time, I’ve heard a mediation client say that they aren’t going to settle their case in mediation because of principle. They “know they’re right” and they want to go before the judge to receive the justice due them. They believe that because the other party [insert bad behavior here], the judge will certainly […]


How Mediation Can Keep Your Divorce Out of the Courtroom

Resolving issues concerning your divorce can be costly and difficult. While only a judge can grant a divorce, the other issues: division of your property and your debts, alimony, child support, custody and parenting time are some of the things that can be handled another way. Instead of leaving all your unresolved issues up to […]

California Divorce for Dummies

Here’s a list of important terms to know when divorcing in California. Petitioner-  The person asking the court to grant a divorce. The petitioner can dismiss the case if they change their mind. Respondent-  The person against whom the legal action is being taken. The Respondent may or may not respond to the petition, but […]

What is the Difference Between Legal Advice and Legal information?

Someone asked me this week if I can provide legal advice. I responded “I am a mediator, not an attorney, therefore I cannot provide legal advice, only legal information.” What is the difference between legal advice and legal information, and what does that mean to the average lay person seeking information about obtaining a divorce? […]

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Letting the Judge Decide is “Rolling the Dice”

In the ten plus years of my career, I’ve often heard a party to a case say that he/she wants to “let the judge decide.” The unfortunate truth is that most people aren’t happy with what the judge decides. In many cases, I have no doubt that the individual would have been better off negotiating […]

What is Peace Plan Divorce?

Divorce Docs is a non-attorney divorce service that offers mediation and the legal document preparation required for your divorce. We will facilitate your discussion and fill out your divorce paperwork according to the decisions the two of you have made regarding what is best for your family.

With Justice For All…(The Wealthy, That Is)

“…the civil justice system in this country is essentially inaccessible to many Americans — and when it does get accessed, is tilted toward the wealthy and moneyed interests,” states Dan Froomkin of the Huffington Post. Reporting statistics from the World Justice Project’s “Rule of Law Index” Froomkin points out that, “Particularly when it comes to […]