3 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce Instead Of Going To Court.

It’s often a knee-jerk reaction to hire an attorney and prepare for a court battle where divorce is concerned. Before you give your lawyer enough money to buy a BMW, consider a path that will keep you out of the courtroom. Here are 3 reasons to mediate your divorce instead of going to court: 1. Power […]

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Divorce Is An Ugly Word.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Divorce is an ugly word. But that doesn’t mean your divorce has to be ugly. Even if there are children and significant assets involved, two reasonable people working with Peace Plan Divorce can have a quiet and graceful conclusion to their marriage. If you’ve determined that divorce is the […]

Honey, I Want a Divorce Vacation…

The New York Post reported several months ago that a Saratoga Springs resort, famous for extravagant weddings, will now offer a “Divorce Package.” For a flat fee of $5,000, the couple receives separate rooms and a weekend to work with a mediator. By the end of the weekend, the divorce papers are signed, and the couple […]

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Everything you say can and will be used against you. While these words are a warning to a person being arrested, they are wise words to heed while in the midst of a divorce mediation. I’ll admit, executing a well timed verbal jab can make you feel good. Really good. You gave them what they […]

How To Have The Longest, Costliest, Most Painful Divorce Possible

Everyone wants to have a divorce so ugly it makes the headlines, right? Here’s a way to guarantee your painful divorce will drag out for over a year, empty your bank accounts and rake your heart over the coals. 1. Hire an attorney right away. Find one with the reputation of a pit-bull; the meaner, the […]

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Divorce- It Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Do With Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Many a time, I’ve heard a mediation client say that they aren’t going to settle their case in mediation because of principle. They “know they’re right” and they want to go before the judge to receive the justice due them. They believe that because the other party [insert bad behavior here], the judge will certainly […]


How Mediation Can Keep Your Divorce Out of the Courtroom

Resolving issues concerning your divorce can be costly and difficult. While only a judge can grant a divorce, the other issues: division of your property and your debts, alimony, child support, custody and parenting time are some of the things that can be handled another way. Instead of leaving all your unresolved issues up to […]

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Letting the Judge Decide is “Rolling the Dice”

In the ten plus years of my career, I’ve often heard a party to a case say that he/she wants to “let the judge decide.” The unfortunate truth is that most people aren’t happy with what the judge decides. In many cases, I have no doubt that the individual would have been better off negotiating […]

What is Peace Plan Divorce?

Divorce Docs is a non-attorney divorce service that offers mediation and the legal document preparation required for your divorce. We will facilitate your discussion and fill out your divorce paperwork according to the decisions the two of you have made regarding what is best for your family.

Filing for Divorce Together Doesn’t Mean You Have to Agree

Filing for divorce together doesn’t mean you have to agree. Many divorcing couples are under the misconception that unless they agree on every point, they have to hire attorneys. However, the Orange County Courts have a form called “Joint Statement of Issues to be Tried.” Save yourselves thousands of dollars by letting Peace Plan Divorce complete that form for […]