Honey, I Want a Divorce Vacation…

The New York Post reported several months ago that a Saratoga Springs resort, famous for extravagant weddings, will now offer a “Divorce Package.” For a flat fee of $5,000, the couple receives separate rooms and a weekend to work with a mediator. By the end of the weekend, the divorce papers are signed, and the couple […]

Maintaining Balance During Your Divorce

Unrested. Unsettled. Unbalanced.  Let’s face it, divorce is usually the last season of life you would expect to feel balanced. The decisions and eminent life changes can overwhelm your thoughts to the exclusion of everything else, tipping the scales towards sheer insanity. So how can you maintain a balance in your life during your divorce? 1. […]

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Who do you want to be next year? Put it on your calendar.

“My schedule is far less about what I want to get done and far more about who I want to become. Simplicity cannot be achieved without clarity about the big-picture target of your life.  To create a schedule that reflects your most important life goals, you must begin with the right question. The question isn’t […]

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The End of Alimony May Mean the End of the Stay-At-Home Parent

Forbes contributor, Emma Johnson, recently posted back-to-back articles promoting an end to alimony: “Stay-at-Home Mom Facing Divorce? Don’t Expect Alimony” and “An End to Alimony Would be Good for Women” on Forbes.com (links below) What could have been written as a warning to women of the financial consequences of divorcing with no established career, comes off as […]

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Everything you say can and will be used against you. While these words are a warning to a person being arrested, they are wise words to heed while in the midst of a divorce mediation. I’ll admit, executing a well timed verbal jab can make you feel good. Really good. You gave them what they […]

The Difference Between Default with Agreement and Uncontested Divorce

Should you buy a ticket to the party? Your spouse wants a divorce. If the two of you are in agreement on all of the issues, you can save money by not filing a Response, allowing the Petitioner to request a Default with Agreement. Or you can “buy a ticket to the party” and file a Response to the […]

How To Have The Longest, Costliest, Most Painful Divorce Possible

Everyone wants to have a divorce so ugly it makes the headlines, right? Here’s a way to guarantee your painful divorce will drag out for over a year, empty your bank accounts and rake your heart over the coals. 1. Hire an attorney right away. Find one with the reputation of a pit-bull; the meaner, the […]

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How To Tell Your Children You’re Getting Divorced

Divorce is one of the most difficult emotional challenges people face – including the children involved. The good news is that families that deal properly with a divorce have a better chance to come through the experience without harmful lasting effects. That’s why it’s important to know how to tell your children you’re getting divorced […]

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Divorce- It Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Do With Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Many a time, I’ve heard a mediation client say that they aren’t going to settle their case in mediation because of principle. They “know they’re right” and they want to go before the judge to receive the justice due them. They believe that because the other party [insert bad behavior here], the judge will certainly […]


How Mediation Can Keep Your Divorce Out of the Courtroom

Resolving issues concerning your divorce can be costly and difficult. While only a judge can grant a divorce, the other issues: division of your property and your debts, alimony, child support, custody and parenting time are some of the things that can be handled another way. Instead of leaving all your unresolved issues up to […]