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3 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce Instead Of Going To Court.

It’s often a knee-jerk reaction to hire an attorney and prepare for a court battle where divorce is concerned. Before you give your lawyer enough money to buy a BMW, consider a path that will keep you out of the courtroom. Here are 3 reasons to mediate your divorce instead of going to court:

1. Power

Judges have power. There are 3 Judges in each case. When your case begins, you and your (soon-to-be-ex) spouse are the judges. You hold all the power in the universe to decide your case. As long as you continue to mediate your issues, you remain in control. The moment you throw in the towel and say “We’ll just never agree,” you are handing that power over to some stranger in a black robe. You waive your rights to be in control of the situation, and someone else is going to make the decisions for you. And guess what – there’s a good chance you aren’t going to like those decisions.

2. Money

Attorneys are expensive, and rightly so. They have experience fighting for what their clients are entitled to. Unfortunately, you can easily blow through that wad of cash you’re fighting for by having your attorney appear in court. Mediation (without attorneys present) is typically much less expensive. “But what if we can’t agree and have to keep coming back” you ask? Look at it like this: If you and your spouse had a 2 hour Peace Plan Divorce mediation session every week for a year before you came to an agreement, you would spend about $10,000 each. California attorney Michael Heicklen claims the average cost of a contested divorce in California is $45,000 – each!   So if you spend $10K on mediation (which would be highly unlikely) you would still have spent less than 1/4 of the amount of the average contested California divorce.

3. Time

Want a mediation appointment? Book one in the next couple of weeks. Once you come to agreement and hire Peace Plan Divorce to process your documents, it’s possible for you to have signed your documents and be done dealing with your case within 30 days. Want to go to court? Your case will likely take a minimum of a year and a half and will include numerous days of missed work. There goes your vacation when you need it most.

Keep control of your power, money, and time by using Peace Plan Divorce.

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